MK18 for F-16 Block 70/72

The latest in ejection seat technology for F-16 Block 70/72

Neck Protection Device (NPD)

The NPD supports the neck and head during ejection. This has become necessary as helmets have increased in size and weight to accommodate helmet mounted displays (HMD).

Head Support Panel (HSP)

The HSP supports the head during the parachute deployment phase of ejection.


Martin-Baker Water Activated Release System (MWARS) automatically releases the Gen 5 integrated harness when landing in water, detaching the parachute.

US18E for F-16

The latest in ejection seat technology for F-16 Block 70/72

Commonality with the US16E in the F-35 JSF

Competitively selected by Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin selected the US18E Ejection Seat for the F-16 Block 70/72 aircraft in November 2020 to replace the legacy seat. The US18E is entirely based on the US16E that is installed in the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft with over 1100 seats manufactured.

Following qualification in 2023, the US18E will provide the following advantages over the legacy seat:

  • Wider nude weight range from 103lbs to 245lbs;
  • Wider accommodation range from the CAESAR multivariate Case 1 to the 95%ile – making it Gender neutral;
  • Safe ejection for aircrew equipped with a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) across the size and speed ranges;
  • The Martin-Baker Electronic sequencer is fitted together with a mechanical automatic backup unit for redundancy;
  • The modular seat design will reduce the need for canopy removals, significantly reducing operator maintenance hours;
  • Commonality of parts, support equipment and procedures with the F-35/US16E ensuring logistic support for many decades to come;
  • Martin-Baker manufactures its own CAD/PAD with shorter lead times than operators currently experience for the legacy seat.
Aircraft fitted: F-16 Block 70/72
Operating ceiling55,500ft (16,768m)
Minimum height/speedZero/Zero in near level attitude
Crew size rangeCAESAR Case 1 to 95%ile
Maximum speed for ejection 600 KEAS
Parachute typeIGQ 6000
Harness TypeMG5 Integrated
Ejection GunTwin Catapult
Automatic Back-up UnitYes
Electronic SequencerYes
Seat AdjustmentYes
Arm restraintYes, active system Type II
Leg restraintYes, passive system
Oxygen supplyBottled back-up/emergency oxygen supply
Seat Survival KitYes + automatic deployment and liferaft inflation
Aircrew ServicesYes, connection to CRU-120/P. Interface to helmet
Canopy jettisonYes
Canopy fractureNo
Auto eject systemNo

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