US16E for F-35 Lightning II

The common ejection seat for all variants of the F-35 Lightning II

Neck Protection Device (NPD)

The NPD supports the neck and head during ejection. This has become necessary as helmets have increased in size and weight to accommodate helmet mounted displays (HMD).


Martin-Baker Water Activated Release System (MWARS) automatically releases the Gen 5 integrated harness when landing in water, detaching the parachute.

Aircrew Services

Aircrew services on the US16E include the oxygen supply, anti-G, thermal cooling, in-helmet communications and the helmet mounted display (HMD).

Auto Eject

Active on only the STOVL variant of the F-35 (F-35B), auto eject will initiate if the lift fan fails.

US16E For F-35

Common to all variants of the F-35

Saved 8 lives to date

Successfully delivered over 1,000 US16E seats

The System Development & Demonstration (SDD) Ejection Seat, selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, is a further development of the Mk16 range that has already been successful with the T-6 Texan II, Eurofighter Typhoon, NASA T-38N and USAF T-38 upgrade programmes and other numerous aircraft platforms around the world.

The US16E Ejection Seat provides an unprecedented balanced optimisation between key performance parameters such as safe terrain clearance limits, physiological loading limits, pilot boarding mass and anthropometric accommodation ranges to fully meet the F-35 Escape System requirements. The US16E will be common to all F-35 aircraft variants.

The US16E is the only Qualified Ejection Seat that meets the US Government defined Neck Injury Criteria (NIC) across the pilot accommodation range.

Martin-Baker is very proud to support the F-35 Programme; the programme will sustain approximately 700 jobs at Martin-Baker into the future, also supporting 66 sub-tier suppliers located within 20 counties spread right across the UK.

To date, Martin-Baker has delivered over 130 Ejection Seats to Lockheed Martin, with LRIP V deliveries completed in October 2013. Ejection Seats for LRIP VI and VII have been launched into manufacture.

Aircraft fitted: F-35 Lightning II
Operating ceiling50,000ft (15,250m)
Minimum height/speedZero-Zero in near level attitude
Crew size rangeJPATS multi-variate body size cases 1-8
Maximum speed for ejection600 KEAS
Parachute typeIGQ 6000
Harness typeMG5 integrated
Ejection gunTwin catapult
Automatic back-up unitYes
Electronic SequencerYes
Seat adjustmentYes
Arm restraintYes, active system
Leg restraintYes, passive system
Oxygen supplyBottled back-up/emergency oxygen supply
Seat survival kitYes + automatic deployment and liferaft inflation
Aircrew servicesConnection to main oxygen supply, mic/tel, anti-g, thermal cooling. Interface to helmet
Canopy jettisonNo
Canopy fractureYes
Auto ejection systemYes, active only on STOVL variant

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