MK17 Ultra Lightweight

Specifically developed for optionally-manned and basic trainer aircraft where weight and size is critically important


The Martin-Baker Mk17 Ejection Seat is an ultra-lightweight, compact and simple design that has been specifically developed for optionally-manned aircraft and basic trainer aircraft where Seat weight and size are critically important.

The Seat will provide safe escape capability for aircraft speeds in the range 60 knots (at ground level, on the runway) to 250 knots calibrated airspeed (KCAS) and altitudes from sea level to 25,000 ft. Capable of providing safe escape for aircrew in the weight range 103lbs to 245lbs (47kg to 111kg) nude, the Mk17 escape system will proved safe means of escape from a basic training aircraft, a feature which hitherto has been unavailable.

Life cycle cost considerations are also a primary design driver, resulting in a Seat design with only 50% of the pyrotechnic device count of other modern ejection seats with minimal maintenance overhead.

Ultra Lightweight Design106lbs (48kg) Installed mass per Seat; Compact and simple cockpit installation
Ejection Performance60-250KCAS; Ejection altitude up to 25,000ft (7,620m); Catapult provides through canopy ejection capability
Aircrew RestraintMk17 features an integrated restraint hanress with single point release; MA-16 Inertia Reel provides automatic locking if occupant forward velocity exceed 0.6m/s or seat experiences 5g in any direction
20 gore IGQ-5000 Leightwieght recovery parachute complete with;Steering lines to provide great maneuverability; 10 water pockets on alternate gores to provide rapid collapse capability for water landing
Low Life Cycle Operating CostOnly 6 pyrotechnic cartridges' required, no rocket motors fitted; Minimal maintenance overhead
Large Accommodation RangeCAESAR Case 1-5 Accommodation Range; Crew Boarding Range 112lbs - 275 (51kg - 125kg)
QualificationStructural certification to EASA CS-23.561 and 23.562; Environmental to MIL-STD-810G; CAD Qualification to MIL-C-83125; BSTS Qualification to MIL-D-81980
Seat Survival (6.5l) capacity for 13.2lbs of customer survival aids; Optional emergency liferaft
Aircraft Load Factors-4g to +6g; Roll rates +/- 115deg/sec

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