F16F Ejection Seat

Designed for Rafale.

F16F For Rafale

5 lives saved using a F16F ejection seat.

Over 350 F16F ejection seats in service

New generation lightweight fighter aircraft, such as the Dassault Rafale, demand significant weight reduction for all their subsystems in order to achieve a lower aircraft total mass. The Mk16 ejection seat achieves its remarkably light weight by combining the twin catapult outer cylinder tubes as both propulsion system and as the seat’s primary structure. The Mk16 ejection seat design optimises pilot field of view and improves comfort and pilot efficiency.

Reliability and maintainability have been key elements in the design, resulting in an escape system that has full component accessibility in the cockpit. Modular construction enables the seat to be safely removed or installed in minutes without removing the aircraft cockpit canopy. These and other design features will ensure that the Mk16 generation of ejection seat succeeds the Martin-Baker Mk10 as the world’s most popular escape system.

Aircraft fitted: Rafale
Operating ceiling65,000ft (19,812m)
Minimum height/speedZero/zero in near level attitude
Aircrew boarding mass range140lbs (63.5kg) to 233.7lbs (106.0kg)
Aircrew accommodation rangeFrench Air Force specific aircrew size range 3 - 98%ile from AA153 – 84
Maximum Speed for ejection625 KCAS
Drogue deploymentCartridge initiated
Parachute deploymentCartridge initiated
ParachuteIGQ 5000 aeroconical 4 colour parachute
Automatic back-up unitYes, BTRU with manual override available
SequencerMechanical mode selector, used in combination with barostatic time-release unit
Barostatic time-release unitYes + g-restrictor, cartridge initiated
PropulsionEjection gun and Under Seat Rocket Motor Lateral thrust rocket motor
HarnessGen 3 Integrated harness with ARZ QRB
System InitiationCentral handle on seat pan initiates gas operated seat firing system
TimersDrogue Deployment Unit and Lock Release timers
Seat adjustmentSeat raising actuator providing compound angle for travel
Arm restraintsYes, active Type II arm restraint system
Leg restraintsPassive Leg Restraint System
Oxygen supplyConnection to On Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) Emergency oxygen cylinder Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) ventilator
NBC equipmentNuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) ventilator
Personal Survival Pack (PSP)Yes, automatic deployment and liferaft inflation via static line
Aircrew servicesAircrew services package, interface for Breathing gas; NBC ventilation supply; mic/tel; helmet mounted display (HMD) system interface
Canopy Jettison System (CJS)No
Canopy Severance system (CSS)Yes, Dassault supplied
Inter-seat Sequencing System (ISS)Yes, 2 mode Dassault supplied

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