Rotating and Traversing Seat

This Rotating and Traversing Attenuating Seat was designed to be a multi-functional seat for aft cabin crew members working in aircraft with a low ceiling clearance.

Rotating and Traversing

Rotates 360º in 15º increments

Installed or removed within 20 seconds

Since the 1940s, Martin-Baker has been the world leader in the design and production of aircraft seating systems that prevent injuries and fatalities caused by accidents. Our seat products are found in all types of commercial and military aircraft. This rotating and traversing crash attenuating seat was designed to be a multi-functional seat for aft cabin crew members working in aircraft with a low ceiling clearance.

This lightweight seat offers the user 360° rotation that can be locked in intermediate positions. It traverses fore/aft on standard MS33601 track or track embedded in aircraft specific floor pallets. Attachment fittings allow installation or removal in less than a minute without tools. It is now operational in EC135, MD500, UH-72 and S-70 Fire Hawk. It meets TSO C127a criteria. As with all TSO C127a certifications, the installation is specific to the aircraft type and configuration. However, Martin-Baker is experienced at meeting customer specific requirements and obtaining the required certification.

The standard seat has a headrest, two stowable armrests, a four-point, single-click harness with rotary quick-release buckle, black harness and blue fabric covers. However, optional features can be introduced to suit operator requirements such as fabric type and colour, harness colour and removal of armrests.

The seat integrates to the aircraft floor with standard MS33601 floor track with 15” centres. In applications where embedded floor track is not available, a floor overlay pallet is attached to existing floor hard points. This pallet can also be used to integrate operator consoles. Seat functional features and aircraft integration options offer flexibility in aft cabin design.

Martin-Baker’s product range of crashworthy seating for both rotorcraft and fixed-wing applications now includes crew, passenger, utility, troop, armoured and rotating seats. All seats are certified to FAA/EASA and/or military requirements and support the operating requirements of a wide range of customers.

Aircraft attachment Floor mounted
Track pitch15″
OrientationFore/Aft Facing

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