Mk 8 Ejection Seat

A simplified Mk10 ejection seat for Primary trainer aircraft.


43 ejections using a Mk8 ejection seat.

Currently over 300 Mk8 seats in service.

Following development of the highly successful Mk10 rocket-assisted ejection seat, a simplified, lightweight variant of this seat, designated the Mk8, was introduced for primary trainer aircraft, such as the Embraer and Shorts Tucano. The most significant design simplification was the removal of the rocket motor to save weight. In most other respects, the Mk8 seat retains the excellent design features and functionality of the Mk10 seat. The Mk8 seat provides runway level escape at speeds down to 70 knots and has a maximum escape speed capability of 425 knots.

The Mk8 seat is currently in service in the Tucano, which is operated by the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Mauritania, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom and Venezuela. To date, there have been 43 ejections from a Mk8 ejection seat.

Aircraft fitted: Tucano
Operating ceiling 50000+ ft (15,250m)
Minimum height/speedZero/70 knots in near level attitude
Crew boarding mass range78.2 to 116.2 kg
Crew size range5th to 95th percentile
Maximum Speed for ejection600 KIAS
Parachute typeGQ Type 1000 Mk 2
Parachute deploymentDrogue assisted
Drogue parachute type5ft
Drogue deploymentDrogue gun initiated by trip rod
Harness typeCombined
Ejection seat operation typeEjection gun
Ejection gunSingle, two stage
Gun stroke lengthVariant dependent
Ejection initiationHandle on seat pan
Electronic SequencerNo
Barostatic time-release unitYes + g-restrictor initiated by trip rod
Automatic backup unitNo
Manual override handleYes
Seat adjustment Up/down. Actuator operated 28 Vdc
Arm restraintsNo
Leg restraintsYes, two garters
Oxygen supplyBottled emergency oxygen; Onboard oxygen generating system connection
Personal survival packYes
Aircrew servicesOxygen (main and emergency) and mic/tel
Command ejectionNo
Canopy jettisonNo
Miniature detonating cordNo
Interseat sequencing systemNo

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