Mk14 (NACES) Ejection Seat

Initially developed for the US Navy and now in use worldwide.


Over 2,500 Mk14 seats currently in service.

Currently flying in F/A-18 and T-45

The Mk14 ejection seat, more commonly known as SJU17A and NACES (Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat), is currently in service in the F/A-18 and T-45 Goshawk. There are approximately 2,500 Mk14 ejection seats in service today. The seat has saved the lives of 138 aircrew to date.

Martin-Baker was awarded the NACES contract by the US Navy in May 1985. The intent of the programme was to develop a high-performance, high-technology ejection seat which would integrate with several aircraft types, thus providing a significant commonality benefit for the customer.

The first production standard Mk14 flew in an F-14D Tomcat in February 1990. Deliveries continued at a regular rate each month to support overseas sales of the F-18 and the new variant of Super Hornet.

The Mk14 is currently operated by the following countries: Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and USA.

Aircraft fitted: F-14, F-18, T-45
Operating ceiling 50,000ft (15,250m)
Minimum height/speedZero/zero in near level attitude
Crew boarding mass rangeNACES original – 79.1 to 117.4 kg; NACES P3I – 62.7 to 131.7
Crew size rangeNACES original – 3rd to 98th percentile; NACES P3I – JPATS muti-variate body size cases 1 to 7
Maximum Speed for ejection 600 KIAS
Parachute typeGQ Type 5000
Parachute deploymentRocket assisted
Drogue parachute type57 in. (1.45 m) ribbon drogue
Drogue deploymentDrogue deployment catapult, powered by cartridge generated gas and initiated by electrical signal from sequencer
Harness typeTorso
Ejection seat operation typeEjection gun and multi-tube rocket pack incorporating lateral thrust rocket motor
Ejection gunSingle with secondary cartridge
Ejection initiationHandle on seat bucket initiates gas operated seat
Automatic backup unitYes
Manual override handleYes
Seat adjustmentUp/down Actuator operated 28 Vdc
Arm restraintsNo
Leg restraintsYes, four garters
Oxygen supplyBottled emergency oxygen (attached to survival pack)
Personal survival packYes
Aircrew servicesConnection to main oxygen supply, mic/tel, anti-g supply and vent air
Command ejectionYes
Canopy jettisonNo
Miniature detonating cordYes

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