Ted Newton

Tie Club # 1552

We received this lovely message from the grateful daughter of an ejectee, Ted Newton Ejectee #36, and thought it was well worth a share! The message was sent after meeting us on our stand at Farnborough air show earlier this year.

“Thank you for your time today and for the opportunity to see my dad at the top of your Ejectee Wall of Fame. I believe I said his accident was in February 1952, but it was actually 27 February 1953. He was on 257 (Burma) Sqn, based at RAF Wattisham, and the Meteor was WH477.

I have attached a photo of his Meteor tail following the accident, and a photo of him alive and well a year later when he married his nurse, Barbara, my mum, and one of him taken just a couple of weeks ago, still alive and well at the age of 88, all thanks to the Martin-Baker Mk 1 Ejector Seat.

Just a small point – dad was a 23 year old Flying Officer at the time of his accident, not a Flight Lieutenant.

Thank you so much for the new tie which I will be able to give to dad on Saturday, he will be absolutely thrilled to know that he is featuring at the Farnborough International Airshow, and he will always be beyond grateful to Martin-Baker for saving his life – as are his four children, 9 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren!”

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