David Weinberg

Tie Club # 1552

“27 July 1989.  I was flying as a WSO in an F4-E Phantom (68‑0367) helping the FWS at Nellis AFB when my front seater put the jet out of control by doing a prohibited maneuver at low altitude. Basically he did a full deflection aileron roll in excess of 360 degrees while the plane was loaded (back stick pressure) at 2500 feet and we departed controlled flight. He tried to recover but I sensed a very high sink rate and ejected both of us at 1200 feet going in excess of 400kts. My helmet blow off my head and the chin strap sheared off at the fastener.

I sustained 3 lacerations, a riser burn to the left side of my neck, a shoulder injury (rotator cuff), and bruising from my groin to my knees. My chute opened at 600 feet and the pilots at 400 feet. I lived. The pilot also was OK and did not have the same injuries I sustained but later had an operation on his back due to not being as prepared as I was for the ejection. We had 1.67 seconds to spare. The seat saved our lives. Every day after this date was a gift from God. Thank you!”

David Weinberg, Ejectee #4815

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