Phil Taylor

In October 2012 I was posted into the Ejection Seat Bay at RAF Marham. For the next three years I made my contribution to maintaining the seats of the RAF’s Tornado fleet.

Whilst I was responsible for a wide range of seats and associated components,

my colleagues would have you believe my contribution consisted of servicing HPRUs and drinking tea, which is only partly true.

I also developed a reputation for being rather stringent with certain maintenance check, earning the title “Lockwire Hitler” with some degree of pride!

I spent 3 years in the Seat Bay, after which I moved to RAF Cosford and straight into the role of Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems Instructor, where I still serve today, using the knowledge and experience I gained at Marham to facilitate the learning of trainee Weapon Technicians. I relish the opportunity to teach them about the history, development and operation of Martin-Baker seats, as the subject stands out amongst the Armament subjects as one that directly saves lives, rather than takes them. I also really enjoy introducing them to my lockwiring standards.

They, however, do not!!!

Being a Cosford Instructor also brings the annual Airshow duty, where I pass on my knowledge and experience to anyone who will listen, and even those who won’t!

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