William Steiner

I am a proud MB H7 maintainer.

In November 1983 we deployed to NAS Fallon for air to ground training. During one of the take offs we had a aircraft depart the runway due to a nose gear steering issue. The aircraft was loaded with 6 500lb bombs. Upon departing runway to the right the aircraft went into a ditch causing the nose gear to collapse and slam into the floor of the front cockpit. The impact caused the nose gear through the floor and pushed the front ejection seat up about 6-8 inches causing an uncommanded ejection of the rear seat. Thank god the front seat didn’t fire because it was so out of sequence it would have killed the pilot. The RIO, Capt. Cox got a good chute and landed safely.

The RIO had just asked the pilot if we are ejecting and was told no, we’ll ride it out and boom, RIO ejects. All Capt Cox could think of was how he was going to rip into pilot for not giving him a heads up before ejecting especially since he just told him they were riding it out.

Upon RIO landing pilot comes running up to him to make sure he was ok first thing he says is how did you land before me?

Thank You Martin-Baker.

Same Squadron Sept 1986 we had a midair between 2 F-4’s. Capt. Colyer pilot and Capt. Rives RIO ejected safely. Unfortunately the aircrew of the second aircraft didn’t make it.

I have had the honor of maintaining Martin-Baker ejection seats for 7 years and loved every minute of it. Knowing that the aircrew rely on your seat keeping them safe and one less thing for them to worry about makes their job that much easier.

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