Dave Georgeson

My name is Dave Georgeson I was an Armourer in the RAF from 1980 to 2003.

During my service I worked on Mk 9 and Mk 10 seats fitted to the Jaguar, Tornado and the Hawk aircraft.

I really enjoyed fitting and removing seats on the Hawk aircraft although lock wiring the command ejection breech was a nightmare to do when the seat was fitted. I spent many hours upside down in the cockpit carrying out this task, when in reality it would have been quicker and easier to remove the seat in the first place, but we were young and thought we knew better, the task did become simpler when additional lock wiring holes were added in the early 90’s to the breech nut though.

My favourite time working with Martin Baker seats was when stationed at RAF Valley and 74 Sqn was reformed with Hawk aircraft, for 6 months I was responsible for training all armourers on the Sqn in the fitting and removal of seats as this had previously been undertaken in a centralised location. All this training had to be done during night shifts as there was no spare aircraft available for use during the daytime, this task was a pleasure to carry out as the Mk10 seat was so well designed and I was working with some great guys.

Several seats I fitted whilst at RAF valley were used by the crew to save their lives and I always had a great sense of pride knowing I had done my bit to help with their escape from the aircraft.

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