Alan Dawson

I joined the RAF as an Armourer in 1987 and it was not until completing my Technicians course at RAF Cosford in 2000 that I was lucky enough to be posted to an Ejection Seat Bay.

This was the Harrier Seat Bay at RAF Wittering where I spent 3 years servicing 12H Seats. Great years as I was finally at the pinnacle of my career and looking back it shaped my future in how I saw the importance of Quality and right first time.

I was then promoted to Corporal and moved to 20(R) Sqn where I was responsible for seat fits. It was excellent to move from the Bay onto the Sqn, being able to see the other side of the maintainer role and coach the crew.

All in all I can now say, after 31 years of service, that my time in the Ejection Seat Bay was the pinnacle of my RAF Career.

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