Bob Worthington-Harris

My name is Bob Worthington-Harris and served 22 years in the RAF as an Armourer 1989 – 2011.  In that time I spent 5 years on Buccaneers with 208 Sqn, 33 Sqn Puma helicopters (no AAES there!) then later in my career I was a JNCO in RAF Leeming AAES Bay maintaining the ejection seats for the Tornado and Hawk Squadrons.  A very interesting and fulfilling role, knowing that my work would save lives in the event of an aircraft incident.  It was also the inspiration for my current business – working with gas, high pressure gas and explosives, who knew?  The career of the Armourer is very varied and I’ve attached a photo on patrol with 26 Sqn RAF Regt in Iraq.

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