Kevin Greeley

Tie Club # 1552

“The Martin-Baker ejection seat is an amazing device and has saved many lives. My ejection was on Sunday, 8 April 1990.

I was the WSO in an F-4E Phantom II, Tail Number 68-0311, of the 110th TFS, 131st TFW of the Missouri Air National Guard, US Air Force. The aircraft ran off the side of the runway on a formation takeoff, it was a wild ride and when the nose gear collapsed I received an uncommanded out-of-the-envelope ejection.

There was barely enough altitude to get man-seat separation, and I hit the ground before the parachute could even come out of its container. I survived and went on to a 33 year career in the US Air Force.

I’m a strong advocate of the Martin-Baker team and managed a project to upgrade Alpha Jet aircraft with new Martin-Baker seats.”

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