John Meier

Tie Club # 1552

Thank you for the superb craftsmanship and excellence in design that has resulted in the production of your ejection seats for the United States Navy. I ejected from an EA-6B “Prowler” on December 31st, 1990 and I have the distinction of being your 6000th successful ejectee. Your product saved my life and the lives of my crew. All four crew members survived uninjured and went on to fly in Operation Desert Storm alongside our UK allies.

(pictured here; Lieutenant Steven Schwing ECMO 3, Ejectee #5997; Lieutenant (jg). Sair Dyce ECMO 2, Ejectee #5998; Lieutenant John Meier, Ejectee #6000; Lieutenant Thomas Brumfield ECMO 1, Ejectee #5999)

That day changed my life and I have always considered it a pivotal point in my career, I have gone on to raise two sons and continue to serve in the US Navy as the Commanding Officer of the USS Gerald R. Ford. To the employees of Martin-Baker and on behalf of my family and crew, thank you for your commitment to excellence. Thank you for the lease on life and for the thousands of other lives, families and careers that you have so greatly affected.


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