Joe “Scotty” Mullins

Tie Club # 1552

On the 19th of June 2004, while flying a heavily loaded NORAD Alert CF-18 from our Main Operating Base in Cold Lake, Alberta to one of our Northern Airfields in Yellowknife, North West Territories, I experienced a failure, without warning, of the anti-skid brake system. A combination of systems failure, heavy aircraft, a short & wet runway, and no cables, led to hydroplaning and a spinning aircraft just after landing. As the jet was about to depart the end of the runway sideways I initiated the ejection and my Martin-Baker SJU-9/A functioned as advertised. Although I had significant feet and leg injuries from the landing, I survived and continued to fly the CF-18 for another 13 years. My family and I are thankful to the Martin-Baker team and their excellent seat for being there when I needed it.

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