Air Marshal Udeni Rajapaksa

Tie Club # 1552

I am honored to share my survival story, evidence of the extraordinary technology of Martin-Baker ejection seats. Back in 1997, as a Flight Lieutenant, I found myself facing a life-threatening situation that could easily been my last. Engaged in an operational flight on a bombing mission, my CA 604 Pucara lA-58 aircraft exploded due to a premature ordnance detonation, leaving me with no option but to eject. As I pulled that life-saving handle, I was thrust into a world of chaos and uncertainty at 10,000 ft.

The Martin-Baker Mk6 ejection seat performed flawlessly, propelling me to safety amidst the disintegrating aircraft. I landed safely without injuries, thanks to the reliable parachute system, even in the challenging terrain of a jungle at night.

I’m grateful for my second chance at life and now I’m a proud member of the Martin-Baker Ejection Tie Club, a symbol of the bond between pilot and equipment, where every member has a unique story to tell. I share my survival journey as Air Marshal Udeni Rajapaksa, the 19th Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

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