Martin-Baker delivers the 3000th NACES

Martin-Baker is proud to have completed the 3000th US14A Ejection Seat for the NACES programme. NACES has saved the lives of 150 aircrew to date from 8 operators in 7 different countries.

US14A is the designation given to the Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) which aimed to provide a common platform for aircrew to learn. It is fitted to the T-45 Goshawk trainer and the F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet fighters. Early versions of the US14A were also fitted to the F-14D Tomcat.

Over 200 tests have been conducted, including 72 sled tests. The most recent testing included high-altitude ejections from our Meteor aircraft in 2020.


Top image: (from left to right) Robert Martin (Engineering Director), James Martin and John Martin (Joint Managing Directors) next to the 3000th NACES and Andrew Martin (Director of Business Development and Marketing). Bottom image: A NACES ejection test from a Meteor aircraft. Featured image: The Final Assembly team joined by the Directors surrounding the 3000th NACES.