Martin-Baker continue to supply Sikorsky’s Black Hawk Troop Seats

Martin-Baker supplies Sikorsky’s Black Hawk troop seats


Martin-Baker is pleased to announce its continued agreement with Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, for the supply of troop seating on Black Hawk helicopters. Per the latest Multi-Year contract, the helicopters with Martin-Baker’s seats are delivered to the U.S. Army, as well as numerous international Black Hawk customers for use in a wide range of missions including troop transport, search and rescue, medical evacuation, disaster relief, aerial firefighting and border patrol.

Martin-Baker’s legacy of military seats has been qualified on the Black Hawk since 2005, and to date has delivered over 15,000 troop, gunner and operator seats.

“We’re honored that Martin-Baker continues to be the preferred supplier of crashworthy seating for the multi-mission Black Hawk,” said Andrew Martin, Martin-Baker Senior Vice President. “We’re proud to be part of this iconic platform that boasts an impressive record of more than 5,000 built and 15 million flight hours, 5 million of which have been served in combat.”

Martin-Baker’s seats incorporate a patented energy attenuation system, which offers unparalleled levels of safety when combined with the rugged military aerostructure and proven reliability of the Black Hawk.

Andrew Martin added, “The opportunity to be part of this growing Black Hawk family operating in more than 30 countries with a large export market is of strategic importance to Martin-Baker. We also look forward to supporting Sikorksy’s offering of the Black Hawk for the future New Medium Helicopter fleet, considering the UK government’s social value model, with our operationally proven seating systems.”

Martin-Baker is the world’s pre-eminent manufacturer of aircrew lifesaving equipment. For more than 78 years our principal product has been aircraft crashworthy and ejection seats which are currently fitted to 70 aircraft types located in 82 countries with 117 Operators, saving the lives of more than 7,695 aircrew worldwide.