Martin-Baker Celebrates International Nurses Day

(Denham) Over the past 2 months, the work that’s been done and is still being done by the NHS is nothing short of heroic. Their dedication, selflessness and sense of duty has helped to save thousands of lives during this national pandemic.

We have been in touch with our local parish council, Denham Community Support and the Wexham Park Hospital, local to Martin-Baker HQ, to seek consultation on how we can best assist our local nurses and NHS staff. As a small gesture of recognition and to show our support on International Nurses Day, we will be donating gift bags containing everyday items that many local nurses have expressed a need for.

Last week we were able to put together 200 of these gift bags which were delivered to Frimley Health Charity for distribution on International Nurses Day and we’re working with them on an ongoing basis for future donations and continued support from us.

These bags were gladly received at Wexham Park Hospital by Nicola Monk (Voluntary Services Deputy Manager at the Frimley Health Foundation Trust);

“To everyone at Martin-Baker we would like to say a huge thank you for the support you are showing the NHS at this time. Our staff are pulling together care for members of the community, and it’s amazing to see our community reciprocating that care to us. These bags are reaching nurses on International Nurses Day, and the thoughtful gifts that you have put into each of them will make a real, practical difference to maintaining the wellbeing of our amazing nurses who are working so hard in a challenging situation. Thank you so much!”

Thank you to our NHS!