Martin-Baker at The Paris Air Show 2017

(Paris) With the Paris Air Show in full swing, activity around the Martin-Baker booth has been heavy, with visitors ranging from military officials, pilots, politicians, media and industry leaders. Each came away impressed with the Martin-Baker brand.

The booth, located in Hall 2B at stand F140, features our design for the U.S. Air Force trainer competition, the US-18. This seat builds on the incredible research and design of the Mk-16 family of seats and incorporates all of its incredible technology and features and adds passive arm restraints and under-seat rocket motors to assist with safe and level ejection attitudes.

“The US-18 is an incredible seat,” said Andrew Martin, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “We’re excited and honoured to be a part of the competition to save even more aircrew lives.”

In addition to the US-18, you can see – and sit in — the most advanced ejection seat that protects all F-35 aviators, the US-16E. The US-16E was the most scrutinized and tested ejection seat ever produced, and meets and exceeds all customer requirements.

“We’re proud of the evolution of our Mk-16 family of seats that resulted in the US-16E,” Martin said. “We took a concept, engineered a solution, tested it and proved its worth under the harshest of conditions and made modifications until we got it absolutely perfect. The aircrew we support depend on us to be perfect, and that’s what we strive to do.”

Martin-Baker, headquartered in Denham, England, saved its first life in 1949 and have saved a total of 7543 lives since then. As the world’s leading manufacturer in ejection and crash-worthy seats, Martin-Baker owns 53 percent of the market with more than 17,000 seats in service in 90 countries and 56 different air frames.

The air show concludes 25th June.