Martin-Baker at 55th SAFE Symposium

Constantly searching for new and better ways to protect the lives of pilots and aircrew, Martin-Baker are proud to attend the 55th Annual SAFE Symposium beginning today in Orlando, Florida.


SAFE represents aviation, space, land, and marine safety disciplines for the protection of users worldwide. Attendees include members from government, academic, industrial and the military, all with the focus of sharing ideas, technology and knowledge to meet the challenges of modern vehicular occupant protection and personnel-worn safety equipment.


Martin-Baker are imparting their knowledge by presenting papers on ejection safety issues critical to all who fly military jet aircraft. Some of the presentations include ejection seat restraint harness design, head and neck loads, solid oxygen systems and parachute packing,


“This opportunity to share what we’ve learned over the course of our existence is critical in improving ejection and crash-worthy seats,” said Andrew Martin, Martin-Baker Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “It is also a great opportunity for us to meet with government scientists to have an open and honest dialogue about end-user requirements, as well as to further enhance our already strong relationships with the U.S. aviation community.”


The company will showcase the US-18 ejection seat currently competing for the US Air Force T-X trainer competition. The seat builds upon the legacy of Martin-Baker’s engineering excellence, and provides a new passive arm-restraint system as well as a pitch-control rocket motor.


SAFE begins 30 Oct and runs through 1 November. More information on the symposium may be found here:


Martin-Baker is the world’s leader in ejection and crash-worthy seat manufacturing with more than 17,000 seats in service in 56 air frames in 90 countries. With 7,552 lives saved, Martin-Baker are truly engineering for life.