Richard Busby

I worked on the jaguars of 226 OCU at Lossiemouth, first line so fitting and removing Type 9b2 and 9b3 seats and associated fittings. The 9b3 I found easier with the headbox being removable for winching in and out on the scissor shackle. The unpleasant bit was being upside down to disconnect the static rods when someone had thrown up in the rear of the two seaters, it was a regular occurrence. The other rather difficult thing as I remember was that the jaguar had a connection to the aircraft called the inter technique or something rather than just the PEC and it was hard to fit tell- tale copper wire to it. Not easy in the cold with little space to work.

After, I was posted to the Red Arrows with Mk10 seats which could be removed without removing the safety equipment which made things more convenient for us. Manpower being what it was and the need to have all aircraft fit to fly we tended to do a complete seat change in one go which meant double shifts now and again but it was pretty straightforward. In 1992 I was selected to fly in the back of red3 for the season, no trip longer than about two hours so reasonably comfortable. I recall on my first flight, having had the need to check pins ingrained into me, it felt a bit strange taking them out!

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