Paulo Sérgio Curalov

At the time, I was a graduate of the FAB School of Aeronautics Specialists and this occurred on my first or second maneuver mission. I was an aerial weapons mechanic for the 1st Air Defense Group at Anápolis Air Base. We were based as a visiting unit at Fortaleza Air Base, operating our F-103 Mirage III aircraft. The accident happened when four Xavantes (AT-26) from Fortaleza Air Base were taking off in formation (the four taking off at the same time, two by two). One of these aircraft, which came in the second wave, lost support due to the turbulence of the first two, lost control and finally crash down. However, the pilot managed to eject himself safely.

At that moment, I was in the operations control tower, supporting my squadron’s pilots and I could see everything. Although I belong neither to the unit, nor to the squadron of the crashed aircraft, the fact marked me a lot, inspiring me to become one good maintainer of ejection seats, saving lives like that pilot, who can join his family after a few days in the hospital.

Paulo Sérgio Curalov – Suboficial B.M.B. R-1 F.A.B.

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