Juan Carlos Casallas Parra

My name is Juan Carlos Casallas Parra, and I am a maintainer for Martin-Baker Ejection Seats.

For more than 20 years we have worked as non-commissioned officers of the Colombian Air Force, as specialist technicians in Air Armament and Security, we have carried out maintenance on Martin-Baker Ejection Seats, type Mk4, MkJM6, MkBR8 and MkBR10. We are very proud to contribute our experience and knowledge to the maintenance of more than 550 inspections carried out on the ejection seats of our aircraft, and 3 of them have been used in real ejections, safeguarding the lives of our pilots and crew.

A special thanks to all the Ejection Seat maintainers, and congratulations on your excellent work.


Staff Photo – Left to Right (TS.R) Marlon Rodriguez and (TJ.R) Juan carlos casallas

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