Chris Bruce

Being an ex-RAF armourer “Oh, we had a reputation “ but saving lives was my true calling, through working with the world’s finest MB bang seats. Showing my age and giving a potted seat history, Started off my love affair with a rival, the baby Folland seat with that big red “thing” sticking in your head. In training I Learned the Mysteries of MB seats And associated plumbing from Mk 2 Through to Mk 6, Fitted to Hunter, Vulcan, Buccaneer & Phantom.

Including “hands on” on Lightning, Hunter, Jag and Sea Vixen with Coal hole observer’s seat and underwater ejection! 10 years later (After a brief look at a perfect example of Hawk seat trajectory separation after a bird strike) I finally got to work with Tornado F3 and GR4, including those lovely Mk 10s. Years of fit, remove, arm, disarm, Dismantle, test, Inspect, teach, strap in and finally get to trust my own work in an F3 over Cyprus. It has been an honour, a pleasure and The finest thing For a RAF armourer to be allowed to “own” a seat of seats, grudgingly allowing aircrew to borrow them occasionally. Thank you.

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