Barry Veldon

Dear Martin Baker Team

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I served in the Royal Air Force during the years 1979 – 2006 as a Weapon Technician, during which time during training and front line operations including the Gulf and Kosovo conflicts I installed and removed a number of Martin Baker seats. In the early days it was the 3LS on the Vulcan and Victor Bomber and 6MSB on the Buccaneer but gaining experience on advanced Ejection seats in the Phantom, 7A. Following that I spent time on the Harrier GR3 & GR5 working on the type 9 ejection seat.

During my service I was also involved in the 2nd and 3rd line deep maintenance of complete seat and canopy systems, where I had the opportunity to visit your facility in Middlesex. It was in this area of expertise that I found most rewarding, in understanding each component and stringent test requirements to ensure that when the seat returned to its aircraft it was 100% effective.

In my final tours I worked on the type 10 seat on Hawk and Tornado, which gave me a wide experience on all ranges of safety systems during my time as a weapons technician. I maintain interest in the updated systems fitted to F35 and other foreign aircraft and am always impressed with the updated technology needed as aircraft needs become more challenging. Looking forward to see what will be fitted to the future combat aircraft.

I was extremely proud to serve and maintain your Ejection seats and ensure the safety of our aircrews

Since leaving the Airforce I continue in the aviation industry and each year meet my former colleagues from the squadrons I worked on.

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