Manual Liferaft Inflation Unit


Manual Liferaft Inflation Unit

Manual Liferaft Inflation Unit

Simple, robust and low maintenance

The Martin-Baker Manual Liferaft Inflation (MLIU) system is used for the inflation of emergency liferafts after an ejection. The system comprises of two fully qualified Martin-Baker designed assemblies:

  • Sealed for life’ CO2 gas cylinder
  • A simple, robust and low maintenance operating head

When coupled, the inflation system can be retrofitted as a direct replacement to most types of single seat liferafts currently in use worldwide. It offers cost effective liferaft inflation solutions, and dovetails well with the acknowledged need for sustainable procurement strategies in the modern world.

Our research has indicated that maintenance costs, when using the MLIU system, can be reduced by around 75%.

With a 10 year lifecycle fit, the system is very environmentally friendly. By removing the need for recharging and/or strip down maintenance every 2 years, CO2 gas released into the atmosphere, and solvents used for cleaning are virtually eliminated.

At the 10 years strip down point, the MLIU portion only requires a simple pressure test and several O-ring seals replacing.

Once the life cylinder has expired it can then be used on wet drill training as a 1-shot device. Thus the carbon footprint of maintenance facilities is reduced.

Benefits of the MLIU:

Sustainable procurement (no CO2 charging facilities, no materials or spares)

Reduced costs

Value after life expiry

3 minor items of GSE

Visual inspection & check weight every 2 years

Currently flying in Pilatus PC-21, Eurofighter Typhoon, AJT Hawk, SAAB Gripen, and KTX.

Maintenance Cycle10-year lifecycle, then dispose (or use for wet drill)
Visual InspectionVisual inspection & check weight every 2 years
Spare PartsNone
External ResourcesNone
Maintenance Cycle10-year maintenance cycle
Visual InspectionOnly a visual inspection at 2 years
GSE3 minor items of GSE
Maintenance CycleInspection/Maintenance at 2 years; 5-year maintenance cycle

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