Travis Brannon

Tie Club # 1552

“My name is Travis Brannon, ejectee #5347. I too am grateful for the incredible product MB provides to military pilots around the world.

On November 14th, 1980, I was piloting the 14th F/A-18 in existence, with the mission being the beginning of the operational testing of the Hornet’s dogfighting capabilities. Up ’til this point, despite in-depth efforts, the fighter had never been spun, or even been out-of-control! At 23,000 feet, in a 4G, nose-low, right-hand turn at 250 knots, the Hornet yawed violently to the left, entering an oscillatory flat spin, and despite all of my efforts for the next 34 seconds and 19,000 feet, I had to avail myself of the MB SJU-5A rocket seat, and I’m alive today because of it! My family thanks you!!”

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