Mickey Brown

Tie Club # 1552

“I ejected near Jacksonville, Florida, USA, on 8 June 1964 while leading a Gunnery training flight of replacement pilots getting initial check-out in the F8 Crusader aircraft. I was quite startled during early climb to note the prominent red “FIRE” light, shortly followed by a tremendous shudder and violent uncontrolled flight: tight negative “g” left rolls.

Finally was able to get a little positive load so that my head was not pushing against the canopy and I was more or less down against the seat and got out of there at about 430 knots and 2300 feet. Short and interesting ride down what with the torn ‘chute panel and high winds, but missed the tall trees. I placated the bull I’d nearly landed on and was so thankful that Martin-Baker had come through for me (an ejection is such a personal thing!).”

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