Luis Alberto Briatore

Tie Club # 1552

Flying with the rank of Major in a Mirage M-5 belonging to the Argentine Air Force, after completing a test flight due to engine change, the landing gear, both by normal and emergency system not low, due to failure of HYD 1 and 2. Then After trying to lower the landing gear by gravity 5 times, placing a load factor of 7 “G”, when reaching the minimum fuel, I had to eject into a controlled ejection zone at 5000 feet altitude and a speed of 250 knots. First, the canopy ejected and then the seat. Everything worked perfectly and saved my life. Today I only have two dehydrated vertebrae and I continue to fly somewhat calmer, but fast as a fighter jet, a Lear Jet 60.

A few days after the ejection I claimed the sovereignty of my seat, which had been found nailed to a lagoon. Today almost 22 years after that exciting moment, I find myself writing these lines sitting in the seat that saved my life, now an armchair to be in front of the computer that I work every day. For this reason I thank Martin-Baker for saving me.

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