James Ginn, son of CDR James T. Ginn

Tie Club # 1552

“Greetings to the Martin-Baker people! Thank you for your excellent product.
It saved my father’s life. He is turning 80 years old this February. On January 20th, 1969, he was on a training flight over the Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range, near El Centro, California. His F-4 suffered complete hydraulic system failure and had to be abandoned. The seat performed flawlessly. Drogue deployed, seat separated, main chute deployed. All went well! Um, except for the landing! Dad landed in some rocks and snapped his leg. His RIO landed elsewhere and was okay. A helicopter picked them up in a couple hours, but he was then DRIVEN 250 miles back to San Diego to the Balboa Naval hospital.

The Martin-Baker seat saved his life. Dad had (has) three kids and a loving wife. He became the Chief Pilot of the American Express Company. He’s retired now and golfing in Arizona. He’s still married to Mom for over 55 years now. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all love him very much. Your people saved my dad’s life. Thank you from the bottom of mine and my family’s heart.”

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