Gretchen Cole-Lade

Tie Club # 1552

“I am the daughter of Paul Michael Cole. Our family only recently learned about the Martin-Baker Ejection Tie Club and while my father passed away December 22, 2014, I would like to share his story.

Paul Michael Cole was flying his F-4 on a mission in the vicinity of Dong Ha, Republic of Vietnam on Tuesday, September 26, 1967. His aircraft was shot down and he ejected over water. Because of the Martin-Baker ejection seat, Paul was able to return to his family, continue raising four children, meet his seven grandchildren and his seven great-grandchildren. Paul’s favorite part of the story involving being shot down was when we would ask how he knew it was time to eject. He would smile and say, “If one more light lit up on the dashboard, I would have won a free game!” Speaking for all of his children, grand and great grandchildren, thank you, Martin-Baker for returning our dad to us!”

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