Charles Magsig

Tie Club # 1552

I was serving as the R/C/P Pilot on an F-4E engaged in Fast Fac operations in the “Barrel Roll” sector of northern Laos.  The date was August 22, 1969.  As a FAC, we spent much of our mission single ship without wingmen or other aircraft in our vicinity.  This explains why we are unsure of the nature of the battle damage that led our fuel depletion.

However, while working with a flight of F-105 aircraft, our aircraft “Master Caution” light came on indicating a rapidly deteriorating fuel state.  We attempted to rejoin with a tanker, but flamed out around 3 miles short.  A controlled ejection followed a slow decent.  I initiated mine at 10,000MSL followed seconds later by the front seater.  After spending a night in the Laotian jungle, we were both rescued the next morning by USAF “Jolly Green Giant” helicopters from Thailand.

I am very grateful that my seat worked as advertised and I have suffered no lasting ill-effects from the ejection.  Thank you Martin Baker for building a reliable product.  I retired effective January 1, 1989 and am currently fully retired living in the Nashville, TN area.

Thank you,

Charles W. Magsig, Colonel, USAF, Retired  (Alias:  “The Blue Mags”)

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