Pilots FAQ

The relationship pilots have with their jets is personal, and their ejection seat is a large part of that. Below are just a few of the questions that we’re frequently asked by pilots, along with our answers – if your question isn’t listed here, feel free to contact us instead!

George Kuriakose

Let me introduce myself first. I’m a Pilot in the Indian Airforce. I’ve been privileged to use 3 variants of Martin-Baker seats on Pilatus Pc-7 mk2, Kiran Mk1 A and Hawk Mk132.

The assurance MB gave me is above words. Thank you for everything is all I could say. Doing the dangerous manoeuvres, the assurance your seats gave is immense.

I want to thank you for making our risky lives assured. Although onto a Russian Seat by virtue of posting now, I would never leave the affiliation to MB.