Do you maintain a Martin-Baker ejection seat? We have immense pride in the maintainers working on our seats around the world – due to your hard work, dedication and skill in servicing our ejection seats, Martin-Baker can proudly say that the lives of over 7,600 pilots have been saved.

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If you’re a maintainer of a Martin-Baker ejection seat, or have been at some point in your lifetime, we would love to hear your story and publish it on this page of testimonials dedicated to you and your hard work. As a token of our appreciation, we would also like to offer you a Martin-Baker Maintainers Coin when your story is published below.

Pete Garton

I served as an Armourer in the RAF for 12 years from 1980-1992, half of that time I removed/ fitted and serviced seats from Phantoms,Jaguars,Hawk and Tornado aircraft in U.K. Germany and Saudi Arabia. A very responsible, demanding Yet very rewarding job, knowing your work was the pilots last chance of survival and had to…

Kev Trew

I joined the RAF in 1968 at 17 as an Armourer, within a short time I was posted to Waddington. Removing ejection seats from the Vulcan can be a bit scary when you aren’t happy at height. You stand on the flat area behind the cockpit once the canopy is removed. One occasion I had the seat…

Neil Bedford

After 10 years in the RAF I joined BAe for the next 5 years. This is me in the rear seat of a RSAF Tornado ADV. While working for British Aerospace doing checks on weapons systems we also carried out before and after flight services of the seats to ensure all was in order. Hot,…

Ian Mitton

I retired from the Royal Air Force in 2012 after nearly 26 years service. In that time I worked on the Type 9B2 Mk3 and Type 10A seats. My experience began in the 90s removing, disarming, arming and fitting the type 9B2 Mk3 seat and associated components to the Jaguar aircraft, occasionally in austere conditions…

Dean Fowler

Having spent over 32 Years in the Royal Air Force as a Weapons Technician I have been involved with Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems in various roles and differing Aircraft. My first experiences were with the Type 4 fitted to Jet Provost as a Weapons Mechanic.  This is where my respect for these amazing pieces engineering…

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