Do you maintain a Martin-Baker ejection seat? We have immense pride in the maintainers working on our seats around the world – due to your hard work, dedication and skill in servicing our ejection seats, Martin-Baker can proudly say that the lives of over 7,600 pilots have been saved.

VMFA-211 Squadron

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Maintainer Stories

If you’re a maintainer of a Martin-Baker ejection seat, or have been at some point in your lifetime, we would love to hear your story and publish it on this page of testimonials dedicated to you and your hard work. As a token of our appreciation, we would also like to offer you a Martin-Baker Maintainers Coin when your story is published below.

Kyle Smith

I was in the USN with VFA-137 out of Lemoore California. I started off in the line shack and became a plane captain before getting assigned to my shop which was the Egress shop. I enjoyed my work because it had a bigger purpose but it goes under appreciated by others because our work load…

Tony Cable

I maintained seats at Gutersloh in the late 80s. One day a seat due annual arrived in the bay. Seat 21. In was in a very sorry state with most of the paint missing from the seat pan. I stripped the seat (maybe a little too far for 2nd line) and sent it to be…

Glenn Stover

I joined the Marine Corps in 1976, after a 4 yr stint in the infantry I moved to the aviation side of the house. I was sent to NAS Millington, TN for A school. I was supposed to be a helo engine mechanic but my class wasn’t going to start for over 3 months. My…

Venegoni Cedric

A siege specialist in the French Air Force for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work on different types of “Martin-Baker” seats. A few years ago, working within DGA EV, an event reminded me of the danger of this equipment and the importance of knowing precisely how it works. On departing for…

Augusto Hernandez Cifuentes

In March 2010, the Colombian Air Force gave rise to the centralized ejection seat workshop at the facilities of the Air Maintenance Command located in the city of Madrid Cundinamarca. This workshop was created with the mission of centralizing and carrying out scheduled maintenance to the ejection seats of the manufacturer Martin Baker installed in…

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