Ricky Amos

Just like to let you know that working in the Seat Bay at RAF wittering was the best time and type of work I ever had as an RAF Eng Tech W, I enjoyed every minute of it and the work along with the team that I worked with.

The saddest time I had though and I can’t remember the year is when The Sea Harrier T Bird had an engine failure at low level and the Instructor banged out okay, but the student didn’t make it. I was stood outside at the time and heard the seats bang out, looked up and saw a chute. I thought there and then there goes my weekend, as I was a member of the crash guard. Found out later that the Instructor when he banged out at around 50’ the engine had failed and the aircraft had started to torque over. He just made it over the perimeter fence, unfortunately a split second later the student was not so lucky. So it was bitter sweet as the seats worked and saved a life but in that current situation did not help both pilots. All I can say is that if it were not for the Martin-Baker seats then the story would have been much more tragic.

Many thanks for all the Martin-Baker Maintainers, keep up the good work.

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