Richard Lindsay

I served as a RAF Armourer from 1983-2006 of which from 1987 -2000 I served on aircraft installing and removing ejection seats from Victor Tankers with the MK3L seat to Tornado and Mk 10a.

I served at RAF Marham Aircraft Servicing Flight working on Victors in the morning and Tornado in the afternoon quite confusing sometimes.

We used to remove Victor seats out on the flightline standing on top of the cockpit some 25 ft up with no Health and Safety involved one guy used to be stood astride the cockpit hatch opening that had been removed and another guy inside pushing the seat out up the rail quite scary especially if it was windy,we would then manhandle the seat down and aircraft set of steps called a giraffe.

One occasion I was coming down the steps with the main gun over my shoulder unbeknown to me the the main gun was extending behind me all 6ft of it that was entertaining to say the least.

Hope this helps me join the ranks of maintainers that have indeed helped save lives in many theatres

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