Paul Chapman

I joined the RAF in 1981 as a weapons technician, in early 1991 I was posted into the ejection seat bay at RAF Brawdy servicing the Mk10b seat for nearly 2 years. Only leaving because the RAF closed Brawdy down which was a shame as I thoroughly enjoyed working on seats particularly components such as drogue guns and barastatic time release units. I remember doing my first seat pan firing handle pull off check with a big dialed spring balance, and I must have been leaning over to much as when it released it smacked me just under the right eye leaving a small scar! Never did that again lol!

Having spent 22 years in the RAF and now working for the last 15 years with BAE Systems in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia on Hawk and F-15 munition prep and storage I spend quite a bit of time dealing with ejection seat cartridge issues and receipts. Apologies for not having any seat bay pictures as we didn’t have camera phones in those days, but I’ve included one from Tabuk.

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