Osh Barnett

I served in the Royal Air Force for 12 years, 7 years of which was at RAF Coningsby on 17(R), 41TES and XI Squadrons working on the MK.16A fitted to Typhoon aircraft.

As part of my duties I would install, arm, remove and transport the seats, among other armament tasks and did this in the USA and Falkland Islands, as well as on QRA duties here in the UK, later becoming a supervisor for these tasks.

Upon leaving 41TES with promotion I was very fortunate to be gifted a back seat trip in a Typhoon, riding on a seat I installed.

I always look back on my time in the RAF with fond memories of great people and I’m immensely proud to have worked on the Typhoon aircraft and Martin-Baker ejection seats to save lives, which is no ordinary job.

I commend all that you do at Martin-Baker.

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