Martyn Mander

I started my Royal Air Force career in 1973. After training I was posted to No6 Squadron at RAF Coningsby. We were flying Phantom FGR2 aircraft.

In those distant days the aircraft were fitted with the Mk 7A-1 and -2 seats. However, there were some aircraft fitted with Mk 5A seats, that were in the process of being modified to -7A standard.

The Phantom loved having its seat removed for snags regularly; I wish I had a pound for every seat or seat pan I’ve fitted/removed!

Germany and Buccaneers next, with the Mk6 MSB seat. I worked in Aircraft Servicing Flight, 2nd line maintenance, so every aircraft had to have its seats removed and fitted during its stay. We also had two Mk7 Hunters, fitted with Mk4 seats, side by side.

Shortly into my tour, we received shiny new Jaguars, so we added yet another seat to the inventory, the Mk 9A. A whole new system to learn how to work with safely.

My last tour was at Marham, with Victors and Canberras initially. Mk3s and Mk4s this time. They kept us busy; getting a seat out of the side door of a Canberra was interesting to say the least!

And then, we received the brand new Tornado, so onto Mk 10A seats, quite straightforward and easy to fit/remove.

I must have had Martin Baker in my blood, because when I left the RAF, I joined Martin Baker for 12 years, a happy 12 years that had me heavily involved in NACES and JPATS, but that’s a story for.another day!

I do hope you find my ramblings interesting, and complete my week with a wonderful Maintainer Coin.

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