Kenny Callcutt

A long career as  an Installer and remover,  I have for the past 40+ years removed, installed and functionally tested the seats and crew escape components (AAES &CES) on Harrier Gr3- 1 Sqn (involved in Op Corporate with some Pucarra aircraft seats). Harrier Gr7, Gr7A, T12- 4Sqn, Tornado Gr1,Gr1A – 13, 17, 27  and 617 Sqns RAF. 29 Sqn RAF current Typhoon single and twin aircraft and 3, 10 and 80 Sqn RSAF.

At the end of September this year I will finally retire from the Aircraft Armament trade 30+ years military and 10 +years civilian but still working military aircraft. Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Limited thanks it’s been a pleasure (adventure) finally retiring from seat maintenance.

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