John Kerbyson

I joined the RAF in 1990 and completed my weapons mech course in Feb 1991. My first posting was to 56f Squadron at RAF Wattisham, equipped with the F4 Phantom. My role was line armourer, and this involved carrying out before and after flight servicing of the MK7 ejection seat and the movement of ejection seat pins from Safe for maintenance. I also got involved with seat removal mainly splitting the seat and removing the seat pan for access by other trades.

After promotion to Corporal in 2003 I was posted to the Aircraft Maintenance Flight at RAF Lossiemouth. The majority of my work involved removing the MK10 Ejection seat from the aircraft and disarming it before returning it to the bay for scheduled maintenance.

I finished my time in the RAF in 2012 after completing 22 years service.

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