Jeff Shannon

As a kid I always wanted to work on jets (Air Force Brat) I joined the US Air Force right out of high school in 1977, after Tech school I was assigned to RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge to work on F-4’s. I cut my Egress teeth on the Martin-Baker MK H7 ejection seat. I was assigned to the 81st TFW, 81st CRS egress shop. One of my first jobs was to tear down two seats for phase, I was in heaven. Not only did I get to tear them down, but I could perform the phase inspections on both seats and to be part of the crew who installed them back into the aircraft. I was in love with the seats and wanted to be the best I could working on them. After 2 years at RAF Bentwaters I was stationed at Griffiss AFB Rome NY. I finally got to be back with the Martin Baker again when I was assigned to Luke AFB Arizona. The first Bucket I installed brought back some memories of England and the flight line there. All total I spent 4 years on the Martin Baker MK H7 seats.

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