Ian Mitton

I retired from the Royal Air Force in 2012 after nearly 26 years service. In that time I worked on the Type 9B2 Mk3 and Type 10A seats.

My experience began in the 90s removing, disarming, arming and fitting the type 9B2 Mk3 seat and associated components to the Jaguar aircraft, occasionally in austere conditions on deployments around the world. In the early 2000s I was promoted to Corporal and became responsible for supervision and vital checks on these systems.

After promotion to Sergeant in 2006, my next experiences would come on the Tornado type 10A seats. The responsibility of carrying out Independent checks was a large one and not carried out lightly. In 2007 I became the lead instructor at the RAF Marham training cell on fitment, removal and component replacement of the type 10A seats and associated equipment.

On ejection systems I always insisted on the highest standards from myself and any members of my team. The systems are the final “get out” clause for aircrew in an emergency. I have had 2 escapees in seats I have fitted, which is great source of pride.

To all at MB, please keep up the highly important and great work that you do.

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