Glenn Stover

I joined the Marine Corps in 1976, after a 4 yr stint in the infantry I moved to the aviation side of the house. I was sent to NAS Millington, TN for A school. I was supposed to be a helo engine mechanic but my class wasn’t going to start for over 3 months. My troop handler handed me a short list of open classes and as I looked through the MOS’s I noticed that the AME MOS worked on air conditiong and I thought I could use that after I got out. To make a long story short when I started working on the Gru-7 seats on the A6E Intruder, the H7 on the F-4 Phantom and the SJU-5/6’s on the lot 5 through 12 FA-18 A-D Hornets then the SJU 17 Ejection Seats. I finished my 24.5 year career loving what I did, saving the lives of my Marine Corps brothers when all else failed them.

Semper Fi!

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