Ernesto Abril, Holman Sánchez, Fernando Arias and Robert Cuervo

For more than 20 years we have been part of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) as non-commissioned officers (NCO), and in the last 8 years, already in good use and as specialist technicians and inspectors, we have been supporting our Force in the maintenance of the different levels of inspection to the ejection seats type Martin Baker MK4, MKJM6, MK8 and MK10, in the “Centralized Ejection Seat Workshop that apply to our combat aircraft, work that is carried out in the seat workshop Ejectables Martin Baker “based at the Air Maintenance Command in Madrid / Cundinamarca (Colombia). It is a pride for us to continue contributing our experience and knowledge to our Air Force, this is how at this time a total of 500 inspections have been carried out on the ejection seats of our teams, of which we are pleased and especially with three seats. that met with a positive and satisfactory ejection. As members of this great professional team we will always do our best to fulfill our work and maintain a high standard of quality and, most importantly, that our crews feel safe when flying and if it is necessary to leave the aircraft activate their ejection system and save your life.

Staff Photo – Left to Right;

(TJ.R) Ernesto Abril.

(TJ.R) Holman Sánchez.

(TJ.R) Fernando Arias.

(TJ.R) Robert Cuervo.

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