Chris Davidson

My first real encounter with maintaining Martin Baker seats was at RAF Scampton.

I was posted there directly from my FT course at RAF Cosford in 1987.

I was originally posted in to work on the acceptance team for the Tuccano, which was about to enter service with the RAF.

A small team of us descended on Martin Baker at Denham, to learn all about maintaining the 8LC seats fitted to the Tuccano.

However there was quite a few teething problems getting the aircraft in to service, so I actually spent most of my time at Scampton maintaining the Type 4 seats fitted to the Jet Provost, the backbone of the RAF pilots jet training.
With the occasional foray to maintain the Type 10B’s fitted to the Red Arrows, Hawks.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Scampton servicing seats – we had a great team of guys there.
Unfortunately our Hawk seats saw quite a lot of action, but I’m sure the Pilots where pretty pleased they worked as they where designed to.

Fast forward to 1995 and RAF Laarbruch for my next venture into seat maintaining – working on the Type 12’s fitted to the Harrier Gr 5 / 7.
Busy times indeed, but again very enjoyable, not only carrying out normal Bay Serv’s – but also completing lots of mods to the NBC filtration system, and making the seats Night Vision compatible.
This work continued at Wittering, after Laarbruch closed.

I spent many years fitting and removing seats on front line squadrons, F4 Phantom, Tornado and Harrier as well as my time in the Seat Bays.
Great days with great blokes that will never be forgotten.

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