Bob Nairn

I joined the RAF in 1983 as a 16 year old weapons engineer.

My first posting was to 43(F) Sqn F-4 Phantoms at Leuchars, where I carried out the daily BF and AF checks on the Mk7 seat.

Deployed twice in 84 & 85 to 23 Sqn, RAF Stanley, where I was again the flight line armourer (arming the Mk7 seats & missile load).

Undertook that role for 3 years before moving on to other weapon servicing bays and ultimately an RAF C130 Chuff and Fluff armourer during the Bosnia crisis for my final 4 years in the RAF.

Sadly made redundant in 1996, due to ‘Options for Change’ cutbacks, but never lost my passion for the Phabulous Phantom or the amazing Martin-Baker life saving seats.

Emigrated to Australia in 2009 and began my own career related collection several years ago, when I turned 50 and I now have 7 Martin-Baker seats, two of them still installed in their cockpit.

My intention is to eventually have them all fully displayed in my ‘man-cave’ but also hoping to take a couple of seats out to air shows to display along side the cockpit.

More than happy to have any of your Martin-Baker Australian staff or coin holders pop by for a visit down memory lane anytime, based in Adelaide.

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